108 Minute Mindfulness Practice


The 108-minute Mindfulness Practice is a format designed to complement the rigors of a meditation practice. It keeps one anchored to the sensation of the body through engaging the somato-sensory inputs in the limbic center. Motor sensory development is often a missing aspect to one’s personal meditation practice. Awareness of sensation in the body is complementary to the mental stability of shamatha meditation.

 In this workshop, we will incrementally assemble the building blocks of each stage of the practice: walking, laying, and sitting. We will deeply explore the interdependent relationship of the four primary postures of classic meditation. Each aspect of standing, walking, lying and sitting complement the previous. The specific movement cues in the 18 point walking gait will bring new found motor sensory awareness that transfers into deepening state of samatha.


Saturday Nov. 18  |  5:30 - 8PM



A Sarva Yoga graduate, Joseph Schwartz brings 30 years of experience in Somatics and Wellness to his practice. When wearing the hat of manual therapist, his specialty is movement integration and motor control.