New Years Day Workshop

Start the new year with the essential practices to take charge of your life in 2019! Join master teachers, Hector and Coco, for a series of practices that will purify any obstacles to your bliss and supercharge your intention for the coming year. Open to all levels. 

This workshop will include Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Intention Ceremony, and Meditation. 

Tuesday Jan 1 | 12 - 3PM

$65 | $52 for members


Hector Marcel is the President of the Three Jewels. He has served as Senior Teacher for the Asian Classics Institute teaching buddhist philosophy for the past 6 years. At Three Jewels, Hector teaches a series of sutra courses that cover the breadth of a 25 year monastic education for monks and nuns completing a "Geshe" degree, and travels internationally to transmit these teachings. Hector is also social entrepreneur, public speaker and organizational change management specialist. After 15 years of experience leading successful cultural transformations in the public and private sectors in Australia, Hector now consults in New York City to a variety of international clients, integrating eastern philosophy into corporate culture. Hector is the Senior VP of Learning and Change for John Foley Inc., delivering workshops and keynotes on High Performance designed to achieve excellence in teams and inspire individuals. He is also the founder and Director of the 108 Lives Project: a micro non-profit that cares for under-privileged communities in Nepal.

Coco Korniczky has been practicing yoga and Tibetan Buddhism for over 25 years. She recently completed a traditional 3-year solitary meditation retreat in the Arizona desert. Coco has trained for thousands of hours in various lineages of yoga including Kundalini yoga through the Agni Teacher Training, the Yoga Dharma Teacher Training, the complete Tibetan Heart Yoga Series, and the Mysore Ashtanga and Anusara lineages. She graduated from the Asian Classics Institute, and the Advanced Studies in Vajrayana at Diamond Mountain University. She is licensed in numerous movement and healing modalities including pilates, gyrotonics, and Eastern and Western massage therapies. Coco's background in martial arts, aerial theater and dance performance lend an intense and artistic sensitivity to her instruction. She approaches teaching with an acuity unique to deep practitioners, and a sunny friendliness that makes anyone feel at home, beloved, and treasured for their infinite potential.