All of our anxiety comes from the fact that we are worried about something with an uncertain outcome. And according to reality, everything has an uncertain outcome. So logically, we should have anxiety about everything. But we don’t. We only have anxiety about certain things. So why do we only have anxiety about certain things?

In this workshop, find out why we suffer from anxiety and how to zap your anxiety out of existence. We will be using tried and tested techniques from Tibetan Buddhism to stop anxiety from causing us so much suffering.

Wednesday Sept 12  |  8 - 9:30PM

$20  |  $16 for members


Stephen McManus is the Managing Director of Three Jewels. He was originally introduced to yoga and meditation as a child from his mother. After spending many years resisting all religion and spirituality, he found himself practicing meditation as a way to cope with anxiety and stress. After moving to New York City in 2012, he discovered Buddhism through his partner and began a deep practice of meditation and yoga. He completed a 200 hour meditation teacher training at Three Jewels and a 200 hour yoga teacher training privately with master yogini, Coco Korniczky. His teaching approach is simple, fun, and accessible for anyone. You can also find him making memes about his own spiritual journey on instagram: @superspiritual