Practice makes perfect and there’s no better way to perfect one’s practice but through meditation. In fact, it’s the ONLY way. 

This 10-class course is not about temporary relief or the emotional high of an inspirational talk, it’s about learning the ropes of how to sustain a practice through an ancient practice that has proven to be unbeatable over thousands of years. Based upon The Stages of Meditation (Bhavankrama) by Master Kamalashila (750 AD), and the presentation of Je Tsongkapa and Pabongka Rinpoche, you will not only learn about the different types of meditation, but also how, when, where and why mastering meditation will benefit not only you but the world you live in.

Topics include:

  • a description of all of the different types of meditation
  • conditions of the environment conducive to meditation
  • the parts of a meditation practice
  • the preliminaries to undertake prior to meditating
  • the eight-point meditation posture
  • the best objects to focus the mind upon during meditation
  • the five problems which occur within meditation
  • the eight corrections to those problems
  • the nine resulting meditative states which lead to the attainment of deep meditative concentration, or quietude.


This is course 3 of the 18 Buddhist Foundation Courses offered by the Asian Classics Institute (ACI) at Three Jewels. ACI provides 18 courses that progress through the entire teachings of the Buddhist path to enlightenment in the Hinayana and Mahayana schools. The courses are provided generously by the founder of Three Jewels, Geshe Michael Roach, who translated a large body of texts from Tibetan, and condensed a quarter century's worth of study into a 5 year, drop-in course complete with homeworks and quizzes. Drop in every once in a while, or complete coursework for a certificate. All courses are offered free of charge.

Tuesdays | 6:30 - 8:30PM | Starting Oct. 17th

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Jee Chang has been a dedicated student of the Dharma for over a decade, and has completed the entire ACI course of study under John Stillwell. She is the founder of UME, a socially conscious force for good which provides brand guidance, inspiration, and education for all women; from thought leaders in NYC to those aspiring to change the narrative in developing countries. Jee brings her practice into the world as an elegant, modern, and relatable inspiration.