Summer Ayurveda and Restorative Yoga

According to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, the definition of health is change. That means not only how we as individuals change over time, but also how we change in response to the reliable cycles of nature. We feel this primarily during seasonal shifts, when the unique balance of the five elements (air, ether, earth, water, and fire) within each of us can move into harmony—or conflict—with the elements around us.

As we find ourselves more deeply entrenched in the summer season, FIRE and WATER elements—the pitta dosha—are most present in the hot, humid, incendiary air around us. We can feel that in our physical bodies, but also in the form of emotional and mental irritation, inflammation, and fiery drive to do, and play, more in the long days of summer sun.

In this immersive workshop, you’ll learn about and experience Ayurvedic routines and practices to balance excess heat in any form. We’ll review the basics of the three doshas, or constitutions, and how each interacts with the pitta dosha that’s dominant in summertime; share nutrition and self-care guidelines for balancing pitta; and enjoy a luscious restorative practice with cooling pranayama and hands-on assists, and light post-class refreshments to bring you to the ultimate state of chill even when the weather is hot.


Saturday July 27  |  2 - 4PM

$50 |  20% off for members


Jennifer Kurdyla is a mover, creator, and vata-pitta dosha. Growing up in the dance world, she came to yoga over ten years ago and has made it her life’s work to channel the grace, play, and agility of this sacred movement practice through her teaching. She has over 500 hours of training in vinyasa, restorative, and therapeutic modalities, and weaves together her wide range of yogic studies from biomechanics to philosophy and everything in between. Her practice focuses on finding balance and strength on and off the mat, and she encourages students to translate the ways that we challenge our bodies in asana in order to release into relaxation in the real world. With an emphasis on clear alignment, breath, and Ayurvedic principles, her sequences are dynamic, empowering, and above all joyful.

Sierra Alea is a 500 E-RYT yoga teacher, assistant teacher trainer at YogaWorks in NYC, and guest teacher at Three Jewels. Her passion lies in exploring movement and breath within her body, while cultivating connectedness within her community. Sierra's focus is on the nervous system and the relaxation response. Her movement classes are playful, full of exploration, balance, and kindness. Her restorative classes are nourishing, deep, and rejuvenating.