Clap Along If You Feel Like Happiness is the Truth


 Transform a normal life into AN EXTRAORDINARILY HAPPY LIFE

Thursdays 7:30- 9:30pm

Starting Jan. 29th

By Donation


TEACHER: Hector Marcel is an accomplished Organizational Change Management Consultant and Buddhist Teacher.

ATTENDANCE: ALL WELCOME: ALL Levels of students are welcome, there are no prerequisites for this series - just a burning passion to understand the experience of Life on this planet.

PRICE: By Donation

This Course is the second in a three part series based upon A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life (Bodhisattvacharya Avatara) by Master Shantideva (700 AD), and the commentary Entry Point for Children of the Victorious Buddhas (Gyalse Juk-ngok) by Gyaltsab Je (1364-1432).

Considered the best book ever written to learn how to live as a bodhisattva, and this is one of the most famous commentaries ever written.

Topics include: an explanation of the perfection of patience, the perfection of joyful effort, and the perfection of meditative concentration; the results of anger; how to make a habit of not getting angry; how joyous effort supports the other five perfections; obstacles to joyous effort; obstacles to meditation; how selfishness produces pain; reasons to treat others as well as yourself; the source of all the world's pain; compassion as a prerequisite for successful meditative concentration; meditation as a prerequisite for wisdom; where you, your world, and all of your experiences come from; and Buddha nature. It is recommended that you study Part I prior to studying Part II.