Developing The Good Heart - ACI 14 with John Stilwell



COURSE 14: Lojong, Developing the Good Heart

Level 3 of the Steps to Buddhahood (Lam Rim).

This Course presents classical advices on how to be a good person, and is based upon A Compendium of Texts on Developing the Good Heart (Lojong Gyatsa) by Muchen Konchok Gyeltsen (1300 AD). Lojong texts from the Compendium include: The Eight Verses (Tsik- gye Mar ) by Dorje Seng-ge (1044- 1123), the Wheel of Knives (Tsoncha Korlo) by Master Dharma Rakshita (1000 AD), Seven- Step Practice for Developing the Good Heart (Lojong Dun Dunma) by Geshe Chekawa (1101- 1175), The Advices of the Victorious One (Danlak) by Gyalwa Yang Gunpa (1213- 1258), and Freedom from the Four Attachments (Shenpa Shi- drel ) by Sachen Kunga Nyinpo (1092- 1158). Topics include: How to develop a good heart, how to practice throughout the day, how to develop the wish for enlightenment, the eight verses of mind training, 18 pledges for developing a good heart, the six keys to successful practice, the five powers, the five mental poisons, seven steps to developing a good heart, the three virtues, how to respond to the eight worldly thoughts, the real meaning of freedom from attachment, how to behave in difficult situations, the difference between how things happen and why things happen, how to send your mind into death (powa), and seeing angels.

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