January | Tadasana


We become whole by stopping how the mind turns.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 1.2

Yogash chitta virtti nirodhah.

There is a reason that in the yoga practice we seek to find Tadasana in every pose. Tadasana, also known as Mountain Pose, is the simple, beautiful alignment of the body within it's natural curves and architecture that, when found, will help the practitioner also align their mind.
Align the body, align the mind.


Feet are placed together or hip-width apart, collarbones are broad, sternum is lifted, quadriceps muscles are engaged. It may be helpful to think of drawing energy up through the buoyant arches of the feet and through the central channel (susumna nadi). Utilize the breath to connect to the feeling of the feet firmly and evenly planted into the ground, toes spread wide, and the crown of the skull extending into the sky. Inhale through the feet up to the collarbones, hold gently, then exhale out through the soles of the feet and the crown of the skull. Ground and expand yourself. Turning the palms outward will help to lift and open the chest. Allow the curves of the spine to be fluid - neither overarching the lower back or tilting the pelvis, neither rounding in the upper spine or absorbing it too deeply between the shoulder blades. It is helpful as well to take the hands to the rib cage and lift the ribs off the hips, lengthening the side body.


You may notice energy moving upward and spilling over you. One can perhaps imagine standing under a waterfall, the coursing water showering upon us grace, strength and wisdom. Notice the space around you, inside you. Notice the movement as well inside you. Consider inhabiting and embodying the qualities of a mountain and notice how this feels. Notice the quality of the mind that arises.


This is what we seek. Stillness. Clarity. Awareness.


--Gina de la Chesnaye