FOCUS OF THE MONTH: July – Legs Up the Wall


Viparita Karanai aka Legs Up the Wall

This pose is so good. Not only does it help to relieve anxiety by lowering the heart rate and blood pressure but it strengthens the immune system by helping to drain the lymph nodes. Keeping the chin gently tucked in to the sternum will help to regulate the thyroid gland. Having the legs elevated will promote the release of lactic acid from taxed muscles.

This pose is amazing. It will leave you refreshed but calm. Grounded and peaceful. Lengthening the exhalation and allowing the body to be supported by the floor will bring ease and clarity of mind. We are constantly go, go, going. Take a moment and give yourself Ease. It will do your body and mind good.

The simplest way to get into the pose is by placing one hip at the wall and then simultaneously pivoting to bring the legs up and the back down. Aaaaah!