September | Monkey Pose aka Hanumanasana


Fall is coming. For many of us this means a leap forward whether it’s returning to school, or one’s children are returning to school or even a way to re-energize the way we dive back into work after the lazy days of summer.  Re-focus, re-orient. Re-turn to your intention. Hanumanasana is named after the Monkey God, Hanuman, who leapt across the tip of India to Sri Lanka  to help reunite Sita with her beloved Rama. Hanuman personifies bravery, physical strength and devotion. The pose has many benefits - lengthening the hamstrings and groin, opening the heart and, is it is done in the sagittal plane, works to balance out both sides of the body.

Our teacher, Barbara Gentile, shows two beautiful versions of this. For some of us, this opening may not be immediately be found in which bolsters, blankets and blocks can be used to support and assist the yogi -  beginner or advanced.

Join us as we leap forward into fall - strong, brave and devoted to something bigger than ourselves, the love between us all. The love of love. Jaya Hanuman!