Gratitude to Our Community for Raising Funds for East Village Fire Victims


Thank-you-letter-v2As some of you know, Venerable Chunzom and Mr. Tarun Kundu were amidst the fire that happened on March 27th, 2015 in the East Village. Venerable Chunzom's apartment, located next door, was slightly damaged and Mr Kundu's business was burned down to the ground. Thanks to a friend of theirs, there was a online fundraising campaign to help fix the damages to Venerable Chunzom and to give a chunk of that amount to Mr. Kundu to get him on his feet again. They raised and exceeded expectations within 5 days.  Thank you again for helping raise the money for Ven Chunzom and Mr Tarun Kundu. It is beautiful to see community come together to help each other.