Intro to Hypnosis with Iwona Iwanuik


Topic: Verbal Awareness Talking yourself and others into existence. Three Jewels November 23rd, 2014 4:30 - 6:30 pm Free to all

We say we are what we eat; we also have to start realizing we become what we say and think. We create others through our words and intensions. The latest discovery by Russian scientist, Piotr Gariayev, confirms ancient knowledge of yogis, that human voice has a direct influence on the human body. What science calls junk DNA, about 90% of all human DNA, doesn't have assign role, it is waiting for directions delivered via vibration of human voice. It can become anything or engage in process of healing, creating stronger immune system or growing a tumor.

Fascinating workshop helping us to learn and understand

  • why saying right words in a situations of emergency can save life
  • our verbal habits and how to change them
  • importance of building positive and creative way of expression
  • why silence is a better choice when we don`t know what to say

Hand out will be provided therefor please RSVP.

Iwona Iwaniuk - Borisenko is a yoga instructor (HYPyoga™) and medical support hypnotherapist with private practice in Santa Fe and NYC. She is fascinated by a potential of human mind and ability of the body in self-healing. Focus of her practice is the empowerment of the individual.

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