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ACI 17: The Great Ideas of Buddhism Pt. 2

ACI 17_v1_3J

This is a fantastic opportunity for a high level overview of the Buddhist Path. The fifteen Formal Study Courses cover the main ideas of the entire course of study followed by a Tibetan monk-scholar (or Geshe) at one of the great monasteries of Tibet. The three-part Great Ideas series summarizes all fifteen ACI Courses, along with the teachings of the traditional training of a Tibetan Buddhist Master. In part two, we cover ACI Courses six through ten: The Diamond Cutter Sutra, The Bodhisattva Vows, Death and the Realms of Existence, The Ethical Way of Life (Vinaya), and A Guide to the Bodhisattvas Way of Life.

Successful completion of all three parts of this series, with a teacher in person, is required for a final, comprehensive ACI diploma.

John Stilwell is a former director of the Asian Classic Institute (ACI), Godstow Retreat Center and was General Manager of Land of Medicine Buddha. He is an executive and father who began teaching yoga 20 years ago, and has taught Buddhist sutra and tantra in the tradition of the Je Tsongkapa for 15 years with a contemporary perspective highly relevant to daily life. John receiver transmissionof the 18 courses from Arya Sumati Dharmadhara, Geshe Michael Roach.

Musing on a daily practice of The Six Perfections

Daily practice musingThe Guide to The Bodhisattva's Way of Life. Master Shantideva suggests that the secret to our happiness is to stop worrying about our own happiness all the time and start worrying about the happiness of someone else. The Six Perfections train the mind to think "what can I do for someone else?" Please join us as we discuss these "perfectionizers" and ways we can begin to incorporate them into our every day

When: December 6th and 13th from 2:30-4:30 pm.

Maria Cutrona teaches yoga @ Lucky Lotus, Go Yoga, Prema Yoga and The Shala. She offers up pranam to all her teachers who continue to unfold the miraculous.