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Acupuncture and Meditation

As an Acupuncturist, I see patients that put significant pressure on themselves to keep as healthy as possible in terms of mind, body and spirit. It is already well known by many of them how effective Acupuncture already is for anxiety and depression, but it usually isn't on their minds that this is something that can have an even more profound effect. There is a particular type of treatment protocol called the "Buddha's Triangle" that has been known to, on occasion, induce a beautiful state of mind that they haven't been able to enter normally. Patients have often said that they could meditate while the needles were in. This was their time during the week to reflect and relax. There have even been those who have described an almost psychedelic experience. It's a deeply personal experience that can be different for different people, much the same as meditation. The best part is, each is mutually beneficial to each other. Consistent meditation has the effect of keeping the mind and body more relaxed and receptive to treatment and acupuncture can help reduce anxiety, fatigue, and improve focus. Using it myself for this express purpose has certainly helped me to exponentially increase my own ability to sit. 

This having been said, not many people seek out treatment for the purpose of improving meditation. However, consistent Acupuncture even for wellness and disease prevention has a strong regulating effect on the entire body. This then calms the mind and allows for greater focus and clarity of purpose. This, in turn, allows people to more easily slip into a self-contemplative and meditative state of mind. Since the ultimate goal of any meditation is to produce a more relaxed and enlightened state of mind, this appears to be a path of least resistance. This is especially true because one of the strengths of Acupuncture is moving things that are stuck energetically. This is true for pain as well as emotions. So, if you find yourself stuck in half-lotus, full-lotus, or just cross-legged on the floor, consider Acupuncture as a way to awaken that which may lie dormant. 

My Itchy Leg

I have an itchy spot on my right calf. It’s probably mild eczema. I have seen the doctor who has referred me to a skin specialist but I’m yet to follow-up on that appointment. Dr Google says it could be one of eighteen conditions. I’m ruling out some of the nastier probabilities on the basis that there are no other symptoms and if it was something really nasty then I’d probably actually feel sick or it would have gotten a lot worse by now. In the meantime, I don’t always notice it but occasionally it gets insanely itchy and I find myself scratching the hell out of it. My sensible voice says, 'don't scratch, go and find out what it is and get it treated'. The sooner the better as the unknown can often be more problematic than the known. So that’s my leg, and apart from it registering itchy sensations, it’s strangely giving me a little perspective. I mean, it’s itchy, it’s been itchy for a year and yet I’m so slow to act. Like everyone, I’m so caught up in everything else I’m doing that I keep telling myself I don’t have time to see a doctor. It’s just an itch and everything will be ok, surely? Well I actually do think it will be ok, but what if I do nothing and in another year it isn’t just an itch? While I continue to do nothing about it, my annoying itch makes me think, ‘Is the increase in global temperatures just the world’s itchy leg? Why do we ignore the obvious until it’s too late to do anything about it?

I’m calling the specialist today and making that appointment. I can’t expect anyone else to listen to my resolutions if I don’t act on them myself. I don't want to lose the argument with myself and wind up not having a leg to stand on. Perhaps you have something of your own you should be getting checked? The world does, and while we are very busy living our lives we are missing the obvious. If we don’t take care of ourselves and where we live then this whole thing is going to be over much faster than any of us might like to think. Forget about not having a leg, I'd really like to keep having a world to stand on. 

Evan Shapiro

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