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Pointed Transformation

Acupuncture and Meditation

As an Acupuncturist, I see patients that put significant pressure on themselves to keep as healthy as possible in terms of mind, body and spirit. It is already well known by many of them how effective Acupuncture already is for anxiety and depression, but it usually isn't on their minds that this is something that can have an even more profound effect. There is a particular type of treatment protocol called the "Buddha's Triangle" that has been known to, on occasion, induce a beautiful state of mind that they haven't been able to enter normally. Patients have often said that they could meditate while the needles were in. This was their time during the week to reflect and relax. There have even been those who have described an almost psychedelic experience. It's a deeply personal experience that can be different for different people, much the same as meditation. The best part is, each is mutually beneficial to each other. Consistent meditation has the effect of keeping the mind and body more relaxed and receptive to treatment and acupuncture can help reduce anxiety, fatigue, and improve focus. Using it myself for this express purpose has certainly helped me to exponentially increase my own ability to sit. 

This having been said, not many people seek out treatment for the purpose of improving meditation. However, consistent Acupuncture even for wellness and disease prevention has a strong regulating effect on the entire body. This then calms the mind and allows for greater focus and clarity of purpose. This, in turn, allows people to more easily slip into a self-contemplative and meditative state of mind. Since the ultimate goal of any meditation is to produce a more relaxed and enlightened state of mind, this appears to be a path of least resistance. This is especially true because one of the strengths of Acupuncture is moving things that are stuck energetically. This is true for pain as well as emotions. So, if you find yourself stuck in half-lotus, full-lotus, or just cross-legged on the floor, consider Acupuncture as a way to awaken that which may lie dormant. 

June | Make Space

Making space is one of the preliminary instructions to begin a meditation practice. A carefully curated, inspiring environment tangibly represents the internal process of space-making facilitated by daily practice. An altar is one way we create a space externally for our practice. When we clean this special place we can imagine we are cleaning our mind – in this way we come to see it as an outward representation of our inner environment.

                Similarly, yoga asana is the perfect way to prepare the physical body for meditation - making space inside. Linking breath and movement connects us to the energy flowing within. With consistent effort, it is possible to harness these winds of energy and direct them for specific purposes. We utilize the outer method of yogic postures to prepare for the deeper mental dive we take when we sit for meditation.   When I sit to meditate daily, I can more easily observe my instinctual response to stressful situations and consciously choose how to respond, creating mental space to act and react mindfully. Meditation helps us to go deep below the turbulent surface of the mind to find the place of peace that resides within. 

                Ideally, practicing in a space steeped in goodness creates the optimal conditions for transformation. A conducive space includes everything you need, is physically comfortable, and is free from irritants like insects and safe from violence. The perfect space also encompasses sangha – a community of beings who understand the path, encourage you along the way, and expand your mind through enlightening exchange. 

                It is such a gift to practice yoga and meditation steeped in ancient tradition and wisdom at a space imbued with the goodness of decades of practice by individuals striving for the liberation of all beings. There truly is nothing as precious as finding a refuge like this in the middle of New York City. . I am so thankful for Three Jewels. Practicing yoga and meditation at our sweet space helps me to stay bright, sharp and resolute in the intention to serve all beings everywhere.


--Allison Joy Phillips