Meditation is a tool for the mind to achieve different states of being. Out of thousands of types of meditation, we offer a core of the most simple and effective practices. Each meditation here forms the fabric of a larger, more advanced visualization practice, necessary for progress in higher stages of meditation.


Breath and Basics: To get back inside your body and regulate your breath. Learn correct posture for meditation. 

Loving Kindness: To cultivate states of mind that truly feel unconditional love for self and others.

Gratitude: To magnify your awareness of the beautiful parts of your reality. Spend time feeling good (or learning to feel good).

Purification: To destroy negative habits, and remove guilt from past actions. This meditation is based on a Tibetan practice called The Four Forces

Inner Teacher: To connect to your innate wisdom and capacity. You'll get to know you're highest self, and eliminate the space between where you are now, and where your highest self resides.

Protection: To stay aware of your deepest personal goals always. This meditation ensures that you cultivate constant awareness of your unique life mission, what really drives you. Keeping this awareness is the greatest protection.

Tong Len: A practice to purify old habits of yourself and others using visualization practice. 


Our yoga program is designed to integrate mind training with a healthy physical practice. Each class will include an intention setting, connecting to inner wisdom.


Vinyasa: Moving the body with the breath. The asana are basic to intermediate and the class pacing is energetic. 

Intermediate: This student will already have a consistent yoga practice. This student will understand ujjaii pranayama and will be very comfortable in a vinyasa class. The asana are advanced and class pacing is energetic. Expect arm balances, inversions, and intense core work.

Fundamentals: From the ground up. For beginners and advanced alike.

Slow Flow: A gentler approach to vinyasa. Throughout class there is a strong focus on alignment and breath. 

Lady Niguma: An ancient practice based on the oldest written asana series to date. Asana, pranayama and chanting are used to unwind knots in the energetic body.

Community Yoga: Asana and pacing are generally gauged by attendees. Classes may include basic pranayama, meditation, and chanting.

Community Yoga with Liberation Prison Yoga Project: A donation-based class for all who are feeling the pain of living today. This class is trauma informed, with a focus on connecting from the heart, and safe ways to explore our inner selves through the yoga practice and mindfulness tools, vital support systems amid chaos and stress.

Yoga for 12 Step Recovery: Yoga for 12 Step Recovery is a framework for integrating the wisdom of yoga with the practical tools of 12-step recovery programs. 


Dharma is the philosophy that underpins the entire universe of yogic and meditation teachings.

Karmic Management: Learn how to transform and build new habits of mind from Master Kamilashila's text.

Dance of the Lion: Learn meditations that are designed to bring your mind in to contact with various realms of reality. This series assist the practitioner in perceiving the highest wisdom each realm has to offer. 


The Principal Teachings of Buddhism

Buddhist Refuge

Applied Meditation

Proof of Future Lives

How Karma Works

The Diamond Cutter Sutra

Bodhisattva Vows

Death & the Realms of Existence

The Ethical Life

Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life (Parts 1-3)

The Art of Reasoning

Lojong, Developing the Good Heart

What the Buddha Really Meant

The Great Ideas of Buddhism (Parts 1-3)


This is a yogi's daily practice. Includes meditation, yoga, pranayama and basic philosophical studies.