Community Acupuncture


Community acupuncture is practiced in a group, rather than a one-on-one setting. This allows individualized treatments at an affordable rate. Our treatments are performed in our Buddhist Temple room.

Every Thursday | 11- 4PM

$45 per session

(accepting lower rates for those on medicaid/foodstamps)

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All cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance


Denise Stypulkowski, is a nationally board certified and state licensed acupuncturist and graduate from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She gained valuable experience working with NYU's 'Initiative for Women with Disabilities' as well as assisting in Mount Sinai/Beth Israel’s clinical trials for the effectiveness of community acupuncture on chronic pain. She was also the recipient of the Janet Tsai Memorial Scholarship in 2014 for her interest and commitment to women's health and women with disabilities.

Also known as Denny Kowska, she is passionate about promoting health and healing. With a grasp and respect for Western Medicine, she treats her patients with empathy and respect while attempting to ease the emotional, social, and psychological burden illness has. By using Chinese Medicine, she helps a patient not only feel better, but also heal faster in order to regain control in their lives by incorporating lifestyle modification.

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