As of Autumn 2017, Three Jewels will be relocating to a new location: 5 East 3rd Street, across from the Bowery Hotel. The new space is gorgeous but requires serious renovation before we can begin to teach precious dharma, yoga and meditation. If you've been a part of this community, felt Three Jewels is a home, or are inspired by our mission, please consider contributing in some way.

The New Space includes a cafe, mini bookstore and a large temple area.

Thank you Ming for providing these beautiful 3D models of our new space. 

Donate a Piece of the New Space

There are a number of essential rennovations and provisions that will provide a foundation for the New Three Jewels. To donate something specific to Three Jewels, click an item on our wish-list.

Donate Finances

Let us decide where the money goes. This includes: fabric for cushions, cleaning supplies, candles for the altar, rennovations, altar pieces, curtains, cafe stock, etc.