Enlighten Your Workplace


Three Jewels brings wellness to your workplace through meditation and yoga. We believe that meditation and yoga can improve your entire business. We offer custom classes and packages. Contact us to find out how you can enlighten your workplace today! 


Activate your mission
Accelerate your vision
Optimize your team

Three Jewels offers turn-key corporate wellness solutions for every size and shape of firm. From governmental organizations to non-profits to Fortune 500 companies, we have the expertise and experience to deliver real results for you. We craft holistic health programming attuned to your unique needs and aligned with your company's goals
Our packages can be customized to address:
change management,
employee engagement & morale,
intentional goal setting to maximize productivity and results,
mindful movement,
posture clinics,
ergonomic workspace design for physical health,
meditation for focus, clarity and efficiency,
and much more.

Each of our clients benefits from completely customizable, holistic wellness solutions. Allow us to transform your organization through careful attention and laser-like focus.

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