With these guided meditations, discover how the mind operates in the desire realm where we now live, and move it to the form and formless realms.

Why do this? To realize how everything we ever see is popping out of mental seeds that are planted when we are nice, or not nice, to someone else! These meditations examine the subtle part of our world our senses aren't normally tuned into. Gain the mental quietude to put your mind into different states at will – this is the dance to see emptiness directly.

Wednesday  |  Feb  21   |  7:30-9PM

$25 suggested  | included with membership

Venerable Lobsang Chunzom is a Buddhist nun and teacher of meditation and philosophy in the Tibetan tradition for over 15 years. She is a licensed creative arts therapist specializing in dance/movement therapy and founder of LHI. In 2014, she completed a three-year solitary meditation retreat. Drawing from a wealth of knowledge and personal experience of meditation and movement, Venerable Chunzom is compiling written works to share with the world.