The Dance of the Lion is a beautiful series of meditations that train us to develop deep states of single-pointed focus by being aware of how the mind moves through various levels of concentration. We will explore new meditation techniques while watching the mind dance back and forth in the form and formless realm meditations.  Once we garner the mental flexibility and strength from dancing between the levels, we then use this meditation mastery to enhance our understanding of reality.

Venerable Chunzom, will pass on this teaching on the Dance of the Lion, that was originally taught hundreds of years ago to Arya Asanga by Lord Maitreya. This class will help us use our meditation practice to realize how everything we ever see around us, and everyone we ever meet in our life, is popping out of karmic seeds in our mind.
Come join us for this 3-hour workshop to explore four out of five of Maitreya’s meditation levels and create a peaceful and happy life on and off the cushion.

Saturday  |  June  16   |  2 - 5PM

$25 suggested  | included with membership

Venerable Lobsang Chunzom, a Buddhist nun from New York City, dedicates her life to inspiring others to be healthy and happy by caring for the health and happiness of others.  With leaders in the arts and health professions, she founded a nonprofit organization Limitless Health Institute to offer innovative multimedia art programs that help people to help people on their journey to reach health and happiness ( Passion for improvisational dance and performance arts led her to choreograph and direct productions of interactive experiential theater to promote individual expression within one’s community. As a Creative Arts Therapist, specializing in Dance/Movement Psychotherapy, she collaborates with schools, hospitals, and corporations by designing inner and outer wellness programs to enrich team relationships while achieving personal success. Her extensive training in ancient meditation techniques and experience completing deep meditation retreats, including a three-year meditation retreat in silence and solitude, gives today's meditators a unique opportunity to learn how to meditate from a knowledgeable practitioner. Around the world, Venerable Chunzom teaches comprehensive Buddhist philosophy courses (, and guides people to develop a meditation practice to enhance peace within and be more kindful every day.