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Death -- it's the elephant in the room. In much of today's world, talking about death is a social faux pas. "You're so morbid," "don't be such a downer," and "can we keep the vibe up," are common responses when a conversation about death continues for too long. But the truth is, there are very few things in our lives more certain than our own mortality. And by addressing it directly, we have an opportunity to prepare for the inevitable so thoroughly that the entire experience of "death" is transformed.

Join us for a talk on death and the afterlife where we'll explore the Buddhist perspective on death and what follows and how you can use it to improve the life you have now. We’ll touch on the science of death process, learn a death meditation, and explore the many possibilities of what might happen the moment after your body stops. You'll leave with tools to prepare yourself for the end of your life and start living to your fullest potential today.

Wednesday Oct 31 | 8 - 10PM

$30 | $24 for members


Sarah Blackburn is a musician and French teacher at several spots around NYC. She has also been a devoted meditator and dharma student at the Three Jewels for the past 4 years. She has experienced a profound transformation since coming in contact with meditation and Buddhist teachings, and she is thrilled to share her practice with others.

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Hector Marcel is the President of the Three Jewels. He has served as Senior Teacher for the Asian Classics Institute teaching buddhist philosophy for the past 6 years. At Three Jewels, Hector teaches a series of sutra courses that cover the breadth of a 25 year monastic education for monks and nuns completing a "Geshe" degree, and travels internationally to transmit these teachings. Hector is also social entrepreneur, public speaker and organizational change management specialist. After 15 years of experience leading successful cultural transformations in the public and private sectors in Australia, Hector now consults in New York City to a variety of international clients, integrating eastern philosophy into corporate culture. Hector is the  Senior VP of Learning and Change for John Foley Inc., delivering workshops and keynotes on High Performance designed to achieve excellence in teams and inspire individuals. He is also the founder and Director of the 108 Lives Project: a micro non-profit that cares for under-privileged communities in Nepal.