Embody Your Personal Brand of Success

Want to learn how to finally write the code for your version of a successful you?  Why is it that the tools used to create success only work sometimes and only for certain people?  What is the secret—the missing code you need.  The code that every successful person has, whether they know it or not. 

 Join us to exploit the answers to these questions delving into an ancient philosophy of cause and effect, which will empower you to decide what you want in life and then fully embody your perfect image of success and happiness.

In this workshop, we will trace the evolution of these ancient tools into practical everyday use. We will reveal a clear, actionable method for lasting, sustainable change and an embodied, radiant form of self-expression. Finally, we will step into the shoes of our own making to produce a chain reaction for magnetic success.

You will take home a life-altering recipe for knowledge and wisdom in daily life that will help you step into your dreams. We will explore interactive techniques that lead you from…defining to refining…who you are. Come prepared to embody this marriage of simplicity and elegance through visualization, meditation, gamification, and collaborative problem solving.

Personal or group assignments to enhance the effectiveness of your experience are available upon request. 

Saturday June 30  |  1:30 - 5:30PM
Sunday July 1  |   1:30 - 5:30PM

$40 suggested for each day  |  included with membership


Timothy Lowenhaupt is Executive Director of the Asian Classics Institute (ACI) and is a graduate of the Sedona College of International Management. He has a background in technology product management and operations, with a history of achievements in pharmaceutical marketing, digital strategy and project management. He has been teaching the ACI material in many forms for over 7 years, and is also a yoga teacher, having studied in Iyengar’s lineage, is trained in therapeutics and injury management, as well as in Tibetan Heart Yoga series 1-5. 



Constance O’Brien is co-owner of Golden Silk Road, an educational company designing children’s programs based upon the Diamond Cutter System.  She currently teaches at the Sedona College of International Management and is a teaching member on staff for the Diamond Cutter Institute.

She holds degrees in psychology, environmental studies and nursing. In 2010 she completed the 18 basic ACI courses and the 18 higher courses in the esoteric teachings. In 2014 she completed a 3-year retreat based upon this system.  

Constance is a certified yoga teacher in the Anusura system.  She was co-owner and chef of an award-winning restaurant on Vancouver Island for 6 years. 



Jacquelyn Autrey is a Hatha yoga teacher (500 hr e-yrt from ISHTA), Meditation and Dharma instructor at Three Jewels’ Enlightenment Studio where she also manages Public Relations. Additionally she is an Art Consultant with a degree in Studio Art and 10 years experience selling Contemporary and Post-War Art in New York.  She completed the Three Jewels Meditation Teacher Training, attended all 18 ACI courses (Asian Classics Institute), and completed Level 1 (ACI 1/DCI1) at the Sedona College of International Management. Jacquelyn has taught children through Golden Silk Road “Become a Grand Master” Program, and loves to attend Lam Rim courses and share tools for happiness to anyone anywhere in whatever shape or sound appropriate.