The Diamond Cutter Sutra

Ever heard the word “emptiness” and wondered what it meant? We’ll be studying this core concept of Buddhism and learning why its the basis for our entire existence.

This Course is based upon the Diamond Cutter Sutra (Vajrachedika) by Shakyamuni Buddha, along with the only known native Tibetan commentary, by Chone Lama Drakpa Shedrup (1675-1748).

Topics include:

  • What is “emptiness” in a Buddhist sense

  • How the direct perception of emptiness is accomplished

  • What happens after the direct perception of emptiness

  • How understanding emptiness leads to the destruction of mental afflictions

  • How the direct perception of emptiness leads to full enlightenment and paradise

  • Emptiness and the two extremes

  • How empty things function

  • Emptiness and purification

  • The relationship between emptiness and karma

  • Emptiness and the bodies of a Buddha

  • What is non-duality, how a bodhisattva should live

  • The future of Buddha's teachings

  • The perfection of wisdom

This is course 6 of the 18 Buddhist Foundation Courses offered by the Asian Classics Institute (ACI) at Three Jewels. ACI provides 18 courses that progress through the entire teachings of the Buddhist path to enlightenment in the Hinayana and Mahayana schools. The courses are provided generously by Geshe Michael Roach, who translated a large body of texts from Tibetan, and condensed a quarter century's worth of study into a 5 year, drop-in course complete with homework and quizzes. Drop in every once in a while, or complete coursework for a certificate. All courses are offered free of charge.

Tuesdays | 7:30 - 9:30PM

$30 suggested drop-in | included with membership


Hector Marcel has been studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism for 20 years. He is a passionate organizational change management consultant helping executives drive transformational change in their organizations through an emphasis on culture, people and service. He is a master teacher of meditation and eastern philosophy, linking ancient Asian ideas to modern western systems for individuals and teams. Hector serves on the board of the Asian Classics Institute, he is the director of the 108 Lives Project and is the president of Three Jewels (the Enlightenment Studio), a New York based studio dedicated to help people reach their highest potential through meditation, yoga, public talks and community outreach. He believes that meditation opens the door to every personal achievement. Hector is treasured by his students for his immense kindness, humor, and generous wisdom.