Review Courses

 Tuesdays | July 11 - Aug 29 | 6:30 - 8:30PM

Join us for a quick review with Thomas Pauly of fundamental Buddhist teachings called offered by the Asian Classics Institue (ACI). All are welcome, regardless of previous participation.

 Asian Classics Institute (ACI) provides courses that progress through the entire teachings of the Buddhist path to enlightenment in the Hinayana and Mahayana schools.

ACI 1: The Principal Teachings of Buddhism

This class consists of an overview of the entire Buddhist path based upon the Lamtso Namsum, or The Three Principal Paths authored by the preeminent Buddhist scholar and teacher of ancient Tibet, Je Tsongkapa (1357-1419).

We will ask ourselves the questions what does non-attachment really mean, how do you generate true compassion, what does the term emptiness actually refer to, and how do these lead to a life of ultimate happiness for yourself and others?

ACI 2: Buddhist Refuge

Life is challenging. Perhaps it seems even more so than ever before.

By considering the Buddhist path we open ourselves up to the possibility that a worldview 2,500 years old is as extraordinarily meaningful and relevant now in these modern times as it was then. The Buddhist path provides a framework to help guide us through our personal journey to greater awareness.

What does it mean to take Refuge? What is the Perfection of Wisdom? What is the ultimate nature of reality? Please join us for the answers to these questions and more.

Dharma is always offered free of charge, but if you'd like to keep the Three Jewels alive and thriving in NYC, become a member for only $30/month, or $15 suggested for drop-ins.

Thomas Pauly lives in New Jersey but prefers to be at The Three Jewels. He studied the ACI courses with John Stilwell and continues to learn in Jee Chang’s ACI classes.