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Winter Meditation Retreat

March 4 - 10  |  Nicaragua

Escape the winter for a week of Meditation, Yoga, and Dharma on a lake in Nicaragua! We have a beautiful retreat lodge in Nicaragua that will allow you to go deep in meditation and supercharge your practice.

By the end of this retreat you will feel powerfully motivated to apply meditation insights to your day to day lives in a way that is new and invigorating. With the tools learned through Yoga, Meditation and contemplation you will be able to make better life decisions that best serve You and Your world.

In daily sessions we will work with our bodies and mind to uncover the highest potential in each of us. Using ancient yoga and meditation techniques we will begin to enter states of being that are mostly hidden through our busy modern lives.

This retreat will focus on gaining a deeper insight into emptiness. We will be working with the Heart Sutra and meditations designed to reach a deeper insight into the ultimate nature of our reality - so we may uncover the Path to Freedom. We will also be doing Purification practices that clear inner and outer obstacles to this highest insight. 

This retreat is recommended for practitioners with a general-good understanding of refuge, karma, emptiness and bodhichitta.

Apoyo Lodge offers the perfect environment; a unique secluded and natural setting ideal to pursue a meditation retreat in peace and solitude. The water of the lagoon is believed to have special healing properties and is coined as “the Jewel of Nicaragua.”

Silence: The majority of the week will be in silence to allow the mind to settle and go deeper into meditation. 

Food: Apoyo Lodge strives to source seasonal organic plant-based whole foods found locally in Nicaragua and to promote mindful plant-based eating. 

Example of Daily Schedule:
Wake up & Herbal tea
Yoga/ Meditation Sessions
Breakfast & personal time
Dharma teaching
Personal time & private Q&A with Teacher
Dharma / Meditation teaching
Personal practice time
Dinner + Dessert
Dharma/ Meditation
lights out

$1500 (includes everything except airfare)

Hector Marcel has been studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism for 20 years. He embodies this practice in his lively application of its principles in his personal and professional life. He is a Change Management Consultant helping executives drive transformational change in their organizations through an emphasis on culture, people and service. He is the founder of a non-profit called the 108 Lives Project, which makes annual pilgrimage to Kathmandu to practice Buddhist principles of compassion and giving. Hector is treasured by his students for his immense kindness, humor, and generous wisdom.