The Key to Self Healing

Ever wanted to practice Pranayama or know more about it? Breath is the essence of life; a simple change in the way we breathe could mean a huge change in the quality and longevity of our life. 

Pranayama, the practice of the breath, is the key to our overall well being, improving our physical, mental and physiological health and balance.  

How does one approach Pranayama? Where can one practice it? Without experience, where does one start? This important Limb of Yoga is often ignored or hard to come about. 

In this workshop, you will be given all the tools needed to understand this powerful work, so that you can build and maintain your own Pranayama practice for self-healing. 

We will:

  • Discuss physical and subtle theories of Pranayama and explore its effects on these Koshas, as well as the mind. 
  • Learn and dissect each breathing exercise and its benefits, with careful attention to detail. 
  • Learn how to construct a personalized Pranayama practice, geared specifically for our own well-being. 
  • Set yourself on a self-healing path by unlocking the enormous power of your own breath.

Sunday Sept 17  |  2 - 4:30PM

Early Bird $40 ends Sept 13 | $45 regular  | 20% off for Level 2 Members


Yuval Samburski is a yoga practitioner for over twenty years. He is a NYC-based Yoga Instructor and Teacher Trainer, E-500RYT and Reiki level 2.

Yuval’s teaching style is mindful and fluid, linking all movement back to the breath and providing a safe and warm environment for students to explore their own selves, making their own self-discoveries through practice.

With experience in performance and art, he is inspired by all creation and the undeniable power of breath and meditation. His teaching is personal, nurturing and humorous, allowing for self-observation and a true teaching and learning experience between him and his students.