Strengthen to Open

Saturdays | 10 - 12PM

3 class series
June 17: Shoulders and spine, Peak poses-deep backbends
June 24: Hips and knees, Peak pose-bound lizard
July 1: Core, Peak poses-piking inversions/wall superman

This series presents new training techniques under the approach of safe alignment and breath awareness. We will combine "functional range of motion" and corrective movement with yoga for recovery.

For asana practice, we will flow and then workshop with "functional range of motion"-specific movements that strengthen micro muscles around ball and socket joints, increasing range of motion through corrective and opening movements.

Geared toward the athlete or yogi for training and recovery: preventative, corrective and strengthening.

$65 pre-reg for all 3 classes
$25 for single class

(15% off for Level 2 members)

Sarah has been practicing yoga since 1999. She was first introduced to yoga by a fellow dancer and spiritual friend who inspired her to look into the practice and its powerful attributes to the mind and body - she has been hooked ever since. In 2009, Sarah fulfilled her dream of moving into teaching by attending teacher training at The Radiant Hand in London under Stephan Coburg, an inspiring teacher rooted deep in the yogic philosophy and alignment. She has taught around the world from London to Australia and is now nestled up back in her home of NYC. Sarah endeavours to combine strength & flexibility training, with a powerful flow, as well as paying extra attention to the subtle bodies and how they connect to the physical body. Sarah is also a mom, film photographer, and event organizer. Sarah most enjoys mixing up the class with a bit of fun tricks and lots of core, inversions and deep back bends.