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Women's Retreat

Sat   |  April 1 |  6-9PM

Sun  |  April 2 |  9-12PM

If we are serious about honoring the feminine, we must honor the menstrual cycle.

We reject the idea that it is shameful to have a period.

We can resist it, cover it up and try to ignore it, as our society has urged us to do, but have experienced the suffering this causes.

Instead, we choose to honor our need to slow down and journey within to transform our experience of our menstrual cycle to one of discovery, and even pleasure.

Our cycles change our bodies and our bodies have different needs during the bleeding time. Primarily these include slowing down, softening, broadening, and going within. Our yoga practice, along with our mental attitude towards having a period, can either help and honor the cycle to make it pleasant, or lead to resistance and misery.

In this 6-hour retreat spread over one evening and one morning, we will explore the multi-faceted practice together as women. There will be discussion, vinyasa and restorative asana practices, pranayama, meditation, journaling, sharing circles and sacred ritual to bring us together as a community of empowered females. Together we will learn to honor and support the menstrual cycle to reclaim it as the powerful and, yes, even pleasant experience that it can be! This is vital work for women and our communities as it breaks the silence and gives us the practical tools to support one another.

"In our present day western culture, menstrual blood is taboo. We are expected not to pay any particular attention to it, other than hiding it, shielding ourselves from its flow, and shielding others from any experience of it. When we bleed, we try to go about our business as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening... we also try to perform our usual tasks without any undue expression of anger or emotion… This is a tremendous pressure and undoubtedly contribute significantly to what our society calls PMS."
-Vicki Noble, Shakti Woman

All female-bodied people w/ cycles are welcome, regardless of where you are in yours; regular, irregular, amenorrhea, menopausal or post-menopausal.

Wear clothes to move freely, bring a pen, bring or borrow a yoga mat.

$110 for the public / $94 for 3J members and teachers
(Advance registration is recommended as reading/discussion material will be shared prior to the retreat. Registration fee includes yoga & meditation instruction, mat rental, readings, moon journal, ritual material, light snacks and beverages.)

Chelsey Kapuscinski is a Certified Yoga Teacher (300 hr) and Rolfer-in-training. She also holds a Bachelor's degree from NYU in Anthropology and Gender Studies. Realizing the need to adjust her daily activities to match her cycle, she began collaborating with living goddesses to share body-positive, menstruation-positive teachings with her students. Chelsey's goal is to educate through history and anthropology, break the cultural taboo of menstruation, drop the "S" from PMS, and encourage every woman to embrace and LOVE the power, wisdom and creative potential of her monthly blood.

Allison Joy Phillips is Assistant Director of Yoga at Three Jewels NYC. A graduate of Sarva Yoga Academy, Allison Joy completed her 200-hour teacher training under the guidance of Michael Hewett, Lilia Mead and Matthew Lombardo in 2014. She spent the following year on an immersive learning adventure in New Orleans at Swan River Yoga. Additionally, she has studied Restorative & Therapeutic yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, meditation, aromatherapy and spinal health through various studios across NYC. She aims to heal, connect and serve her community through movement, breath, meditation and sound.