Forgiveness is an alchemical process. It requires a clear mind and the fire of will to illuminate and transmute our emotional waters. Even then, as transmutation occurs through the layers of the body: mental, emotional, energetic, physical, and subtle, we must tend to that garden to keep the weeds out and flowers blooming. We must have the courage to identify that sometimes those weeds are the most potent medicines.

In these challenging times, we are confronted with circumstances that require acceptance and forgiveness in order to stay in equanimity. Traumatic events trigger traumatic memories and until these situations are exorcised, we often unconsciously live out our woundedness- leaving the marks of unexplored grief all over our lives and all over the planet.

Lack of forgiveness can manifest in a myriad ways: inability to focus, lack of discipline, lethargy, weight gain, autoimmune diseases, obsessive overachieving, intimacy issues, difficulty trusting, and self-doubt, to name a few. But true forgiveness and freedom IS possible and there are wildly beautiful ways to let it happen.


This Full Moon, we engage the energy of Pisces - the collective unconscious- and practice radical forgiveness to the AnimaMundi- or Soul of the Earth- itself. We will use smudge blessing, teachings, sound, song, sacred speech, and visualization to amplify the offering in asking for forgiveness to Mother Earth. Joining in Light Work to help restore inner and outer balance.

By forgiving, we offer the world a phenomenal testimony on the ineffable power of the human heart. 

Join us for an evening of meditation, magic, and deeply witnessing each other.

Bring your anger, grief, your pain, but most importantly, your love and your willingness to let go and grow.

This seminar will focus on Radical Forgiveness for personal, collective, and planetary healing.

Wednesday Sept 11 | 8 - 10PM

$40 | $32 for members


Nicole Adriana Casanova is a student of Maestro Manuel Rufino, a Taino Elder who founded the Golden Drum educational center in Brooklyn. Nicole is a writer, poet, and storyteller, a 200 RYT Yoga Alliance certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, a certified Reiki Master in the Usui and Karuna Reiki Riojo, a Shamanic Practitioner, a Human Movement teacher, and Magical Awakening Practitioner. Nicole blends decades of expertise in the wellness and holistic field to create one of a kind empowerment experiences in groups as well as one-on-one settings. As a Soul Architect, Nicole bridges practices and teachings from various wisdom traditions around the world, with intuitive knowledge and practical know how to create one of a kind blueprints of empowerment, healing, and remembrance.

Alyona Mindlin was born dancing. Movement is her medicine. Precision, connection and joy through teaching embodiment is her vehicle. She has been teaching yoga for over a decade. She has studied Kula, Katonah and Iyengar and Yin in depth.She is the founder of, a company utilizing ancient practices, like yoga, dance, sound healing, meditation, nutrition, shamanism and massage to to raise consciousness in the Aquarian Age.She is a student of Maestro Manuel Rufino, active member of the Golden Drum and Dream Seed Sound Ensemble. Alyona travels the globe learning and sharing these beautiful ancient technologies to spread light on earth. She feels that forgiveness is the first step towards peace and 'love, the only way to rescue humanity from it's ill's' Leo Tolstoy.