Full Moon Sound Alchemy Ritual

Every full moon is an opportunity for enhanced connection. This sacred time is an abundant invitation for us to practice trance states of self-adventuring, vibrational alignment with mother earth, and the fullness of our natural rhythms. Under Maraliz Campos' guidance, we will journey with indigenous Paraguayan plant elixir made from an herb called
Ja'te i ka'a through breath-work, sound, and our innermost layers of resonant consciousness. *This 2 hr. event includes optional herbal elixir, guided meditation, breath work and sound bath. All experience levels welcome. Props provided.

Friday May 17 | 8 - 10PM

$40 | $32 for members

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Maraliz, sound practitioner and wellness guide, challenges widely accepted industry narratives. Her pioneering soundscapes combine scientific and intuitive techniques to invite self-exploration. As a Latina with disabilities, she promotes accessibility and inclusivity while teaching us to shift our unconscious reactions to chosen responses.

She is a certified sound practitioner who was most recently named 35 under 35 in wellness by Wanderlust. She offers workshops, sensory events, original recordings and teacher trainings around the United States. Maraliz guides her students through increased self awareness, yoga therapeutics, meditation, and sound vibrations using her kinesthetic approach to instruction.

Her certification was completed with Sara Auster in NYC and Silvia Nakkach, Dr. John Beaulieu, Wendy Young, Lynn Tran and other industry pioneers. Maraliz completed her yoga teacher training while undergoing chemotherapy in 2015 after which she shadowed Jyl Kutsche for 8 months in therapeutic yoga at the Dallas Yoga Center.

Her transmission ceremony of Thich Nhat Hanh's Five Mindfulness Trainings was completed with Terry Cortes-Vega at the Dallas Meditation Center. Maraliz now helps others ease stress with vibrations and movement using personal recordings, Himalayan/crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, violin, vocal looping, synths and percussive instruments.