Hasiko Flow


The HASIKO Flow is a unique method designed to develop a strong body and still mind in 60 minutes

The practice starts with 20 minutes of high intensity strength training, followed by 20 minutes of deep stretching, and ends with a 20 minutes guided body scan meditation to calm your mind for increased focus and clarity.

You will finish the class with a deep sense of strength and relaxation that lasts beyond the mat. HASIKO isn't like anything you've tried before, it's an indescribable feeling that you want again and again.

Experience HASIKO Flow for yourself.

Sunday Sept 30  |   2 - 3pm

$30  |  $24 for members

Founded by two friends, HASIKO is a wellness brand that believes being truly healthy starts with feeling great physically, emotionally and mentally. Through their online experiences, HASIKO brings much needed balance in our busy everyday lives. The HASIKO method empowers the modern day person to reconnect with their mind, body and self through movement, meditation and nourishment.