As the seasons begin to change and the weather turns cooler, herbs can be one of our best allies. They can help boost our immune system by fending off coughs, colds and flus. From elderberry to cayenne, ginger and reishi to sweet birch, come learn about the herbs that you can use as daily tonics or remedies to help get you through the flu season. In this workshop, we'll cover the anatomy of a cold and flu, herbs that work to combat sickness, and those that strengthen our immune system. Participants will have the option to make their own elderberry syrup or fire cider to take for your home apothecary!

Sunday Dec 2 | 2 - 3:30PM

$30 | $24 for members

Emily is a practicing herbalist and educator with training in herbal medicine from the Heartstone School of Earth Essentials in Van Etten, New York. There, she studied in the Wise Woman herbal tradition with master herbalists Tammi Sweet and Kris Miller. Informed in the line of Rosemary Gladstar, Brook Medicine Eagle, and Pam Montgomery, (amazing herbal healers of our time) Emily uses her understanding of herbs native to the northeastern United States bioregion to work with clients and craft organic tonics and remedies. When working with clients, Emily's healing protocols involve deep listening and intake to gain a comprehensive understanding of the complete conditions her clients are working with. Emily offers clients custom herbal recommendations, and if desired, personalized hand-crafted remedies. With a focus on mental health, adrenal fatigue, and skin care, Emily is able to help her clients breakthrough to physical and emotional wellbeing.