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This short series is intended as an overview to help understand the higher, secret teachings of Buddhism. Those interested in gaining a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of how to approach tantra are encouraged to attend the entire series, and it is recommended that participants have a solid foundation in the open (sutra) teachings. A clear overview of the major elements of higher practice will include: The Path to Bliss, and how to think about higher practice; perception and our view of the world; vows; initiation; daily sadhana practice; retreat; and the Teacher relationship.

Tuesdays 7- 9PM | Sept 19 - Oct 10

$50 suggested for entire course

Dharma is always offered free of charge, but if you'd like to keep the Three Jewels alive and thriving in NYC, become a member for only $30/month, or $15 suggested for drop-ins.


John Stilwell is a former director of the Asian Classics Institute (ACI) and Godstow Retreat Center (now Do Ngak Kunphen Ling), and was General Manager of Land of Medicine Buddha. He is an executive and father who has studied, practiced, and taught Buddhism and yoga for 30 years. He is fortunate to have been blessed by a number of great Teachers.