Yoga for Digestion and Blockage Release

Stagnant energy, lethargy, constipation, and depressive moods can often be traced back to blockages in the pelvis and lower abdomen. By moving energy through these areas with discernment and cultivating a heightened sense of awareness, we are able to break the seals that keep us glued in place.

In this workshop, we will move through a cohesively designed series of kriya and asana to provide relief from blockages of all kinds. Then, we will take a close look at the mechanics and alignment of several twisting postures, so that you are better equipped to leverage the rooting strength of your hips and find deep, therapeutic benefit in your twisting practice moving forward.

Saturday January 26 | 2 - 4PM

$35 early bird ends Jan 16 | $45 after

20% off for members


Henry Winslow is a dedicated yoga practitioner of 8 years, whose teaching is rooted in the Ghosh, Ashtanga, and Dharma Yoga traditions. Although fitness and mobility initially attracted him to the mat, his appreciation for the practice has since expanded. To Henry, yoga is above all else a tool for cultivating clarity. Through workshops, private and group classes, and his podcast Dharma Talk, Henry empowers students worldwide to connect to their innermost selves, where our natural resilience, unlimited power, and universal compassion reside.