Dharma is the teachings of the Buddha. We offer the "Foundation Courses" from the Asian Classics Institute (ACI). ACI provides 18 Foundation Courses that progress through the entire teachings of the Buddhist path to enlightenment in the Hinayana and Mahayana schools. The courses are provided generously by the founder of Three Jewels, Geshe Michael Roach, who translated a large body of texts from Tibetan, and condensed a quarter century's worth of study into a 5 year, drop-in course complete with homeworks and quizzes. Drop in every once in a while, or complete coursework for a certificate. All courses are offered free of charge.

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Meditation is a tool for happiness. Tibetan Buddhists practice meditation to reprogram negative habits and to create the beneficial habits of compassion and wisdom.






Three Jewels offers a yoga practice imbued with the original teachings of Master Patanjali, designed to deepen awareness and guide you to your highest potential. The classes are "vinyasa-style" and informed by Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Tibetan lineages. Specific techniques vary with each teacher. Hands-on adjustments are always offered.

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