Channel the raw power of your natural mind by learning how to #meditate. INTRO TO MEDITATION is a course specially designed for beginner practitioners to set a foundation for a deep meditation practice. Trained meditation teachers will guide students on meeting their own mind.

The course will cover: basic preliminary visualizations in the Tibetan tradition, types of meditation and their purpose, how meditation works, and how to establish a daily practice.

Sunday Sept 16  |  2 - 3:30PM

$25  |  $20 for members


Gabriel Woodhouse draws on the wisdom of Chogyam Trungpa and other mentors of Tibetan Buddhism who encourage practitioners to consider meditation an open process of discovery where we cultivate friendliness with our own hearts and minds. His class offers guidance developing peaceful abiding practice using mindfulness of the body and breath, visualization techniques, and compassion exercises. Gabriel emphasizes the beauty of meditation practice with lightness, curiosity and openness.