Herbs can be used to clear and move negative or stuck energies, and different plants carry various properties and benefits to manifest this intention. Not only does it leave a space blessed with a beautiful scent, the ancient practice of "smudging" shifts the energies in our bodies and in our connected environment.

Join The Alchemist's Kitchen’s resident herbalist, Emily Berg for a beginner's class in smudging + cleansing. We will explore different herbs and herbal combinations that you can use to smudge your home or office with, and we will diagram their varied energetic clearing properties for you.  You will learn just how to create ritual and ceremony around smudging an individual, either yourself or someone else. And you will master the art of crafting your own smudge bundles from fresh herbs. We will end with a closing meditation.

Sunday Oct 21 | 2 - 3:30PM

$30 | $24 for members

Emily is a practicing herbalist and educator with training in herbal medicine from the Heartstone School of Earth Essentials in Van Etten, New York. There, she studied in the Wise Woman herbal tradition with master herbalists Tammi Sweet and Kris Miller. Informed in the line of Rosemary Gladstar, Brook Medicine Eagle, and Pam Montgomery, (amazing herbal healers of our time) Emily uses her understanding of herbs native to the northeastern United States bioregion to work with clients and craft organic tonics and remedies. When working with clients, Emily's healing protocols involve deep listening and intake to gain a comprehensive understanding of the complete conditions her clients are working with. Emily offers clients custom herbal recommendations, and if desired, personalized hand-crafted remedies. With a focus on mental health, adrenal fatigue, and skin care, Emily is able to help her clients breakthrough to physical and emotional wellbeing.