The deeper causes for a loving and lasting relationship


Valentines Day

Wednesday Feb 14  |  7:30 - 9:30PM

$25 suggested | included with membership

We always receive the “best” advices of what makes for a great relationship, and yet it seems that many of them don’t really work when push comes to shove: Should I stay or should I go? Where can I find Mr/Mrs Right? How can I rekindle that spark again after all these years? Do I settle for 75% of what I want or can I get a partner that is 100% everything?

According to the ancient sources, once we understand the essence of what we want, we can take action to create the causes necessary for us to find, keep and have a happy relationship. Join us for an evening discussion at the Three Jewels to investigate the deeper, karmic seeds for successful relationships. We’ll look at the how, along with learn some new, rarely taught techniques for planting these powerful seeds.

Bring you hardest questions, and ideas of what you want in your future relationships or in your current ones. We’ll workshop them to find their causes, learn effective meditations to supercharge our seed planting, and also ask what happens when we finally do get what we want. What is the next step in relationship fulfillment? Where we go from here?


Timothy Lowenhaupt is Executive Director of the Asian Classics Institute, and a graduate of the Sedona College of International Management, the exclusive speaker training program of the Diamond Cutter Institute. He’s been studying, practicing and teaching ancient philosophy in modern contexts for over 10 years. Previously, he worked in Product Management in medical software and pharmaceutical marketing, and he managed a digital marketing agency. He currently resides in Sedona, Arizona and travels extensively teaching to diverse audiences worldwide.