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Go deep exploring the intersection of Dharma (Buddhist Philosophy), Yoga & Meditation. Three Jewels' signature class offers serious practitioners a precise path for ENLIGHTENMENT


Saturday Oct 27  |   2 - 4:30PM

$40 | $32 for members


Miriam Parker was born in the lower east side in New York City and grew up in a tight knit community of musicians, dancers, poets and artists. She has dedicated her adult life to the study of dance, art, dharma, and community engagement. In her life and practice she believes in and encourages the graceful balance between hard work and the art of listening. She has been teaching meditation and dharma for the past 3 years; a life path that plays a major role in her art making. This past Winter (2015), she embarked on a journey to India and completed the 300 hour Jivamukti teacher training. Furthering her connection to Yoga as a means of giving to the world. Her practice is grounded in the teachings she has received from Sharron Gannon and David Life, co-founders of Jivamukti Yoga and the philosophy of mind training that is integral in the Buddhist lineage. Miriam is working to create and support opportunities that open up spaces where people’s voices are heard and place artists at the center of creative change making. She currently serves on the advisory board of the lowline and is co-producer of the Under_Line Salon, a monthly donation-based gathering of artists and dreamers. Her art and dance is a constant in her life—informing and enriching her Yogic and Buddhist practice and teachings.