Join us in an exploration of bringing the fruits of our meditative practice into everyday life, as we find the middle path between solitary insight practice and connecting deeply with the people in our lives! Explore the path of making your presence the medicine or tool for awakening that those around you need, by offering your practice as a vehicle to create deeper and more nourishing connections in all of our relationships.

We will be doing a practice of stillness lead by meditation teacher Michael Holt, and enlivening breath work and embodiment practice lead by Alexandra Roxo, and then bringing both of those aspects into partner work.

Open to couples of all orientations to attend together and also non- partnered people wanting to explore deeper connection!

Saturday April 6 | 2 - 4:30PM

$75 | 20% off for members


Alexandra Roxo is a transformational mentor, healer, writer, and artist who is extremely passionate about empowering women. Her writing on personal growth and female empowerment, the divine feminine resurgence, moon ritual, and modern spirituality can be read on Girl Boss.com. Teen Vogue, Mind Body Green, and Playboy. She has been featured in many publications for her deep, sensual, and raw approach to healing and transformation, and has also been named a "modern spiritual leader" by Well + Good. She was called to find a way to share her spiritual work with women in places in the world where there is less access to workshops and classes and retreats so together with Ruby Warrington she created the online community Moon Club, which consists of hundreds of women worldwide who attend monthly online rituals, empowerment talks, and are guided by in journey and breathwork practices. Alexandra has been called to help women find their voices, release limiting beliefs imposed by society, and come home to their true nature for as long as she can remember. She currently works with clients one on one and in groups, empowering and guiding them on their spiritual paths, leading events and retreats across the world, and writing daily empowering messages online. She has helped and inspired thousands of women to radically claim themselves and lead more passionate and conscious lives and it brings her great joy! Prior to that she directed documentaries, a web show, and a feature film, wrote plays and created art along the same topics of what it means to be modern woman and what spiritual awakening feels like, which have been viewed by millions of people and featured in international press. Her first spiritual mentorship began when she met her first teacher at age 12 whom she studied with annually until his passing in 2015. She began studying yoga and meditation at age 19 when she lived and studied with monastics abroad. Through her studies at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she earned a BFA she learned how to use theatre, embodiment work, breathwork, movement, and storytelling for healing and personal transformation. She went on to study shamanic journey practice, sacred intimacy work, Earth based spiritual practice, Reiki, and plant medicine ceremonial traditions with many teachers around the world. Her 15 years of meditation practice and moon ritual is what inspired her to create Moon Club as a place to gather for deep sharing and deep practice relating to the internal spiritual journey. She is working on her first book with the publisher Sounds True, out in early 2020 and will be leading retreats in 2019 at 1440 Multiversity, Kripalu Center, and Maha Rose Mexico and enjoying life between NYC and LA!

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Michael Holt’s unique life path has birthed an approach to human vitality that has helped his diverse clientele in accessing a depth of themselves previously unknown. The merging of his degree in psychology with his multiple certifications in health and exercise science has formed his unique mind body approach. He is a holistic health practitioner with a decade of successful practice, a former competitive fighter with rank in several martial art systems, an executive protection specialist and professional bodyguard, and a dedicated meditation practitioner and teacher. Michael has unified his passions into a progressive wellness system meant to increase vitality and deepen consciousness. Combining training modalities from martial art, meditation, eastern philosophy, traditional western fitness, energetic polarity training, masculine/feminine archetypal embodiment, and breath work, Michael’s system is a revolutionary practice designed to empower one to identify, confront, and move beneath one’s perceptual conditioning, and ultimately, build a life that is aligned with the desires of one’s deepest heart.