Meditation is a tool for happiness. Tibetan Buddhists practice meditation to reprogram negative habits and to create the beneficial habits of compassion and wisdom.

Meditation classes are offered for free, or by donation. 

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Mon–Fri | 8–9AM

Various Teachers

Start a morning practice with guided meditations. Varying from: vipashyana, tonglen, metta, and shamatha meditations. 


Mon-Fri | 1:30-2PM

Various Teachers

Stop. Sit. Get on with your day.



First 2 Fridays of the month | 7:30-8:30PM

Dhamma Joti

The goal of meditation is to directly experience the truth that destroys suffering everywhere. But many meditators get stuck in their practice because they lack a foundation of skillful methods.There are over 40 Buddhist meditation subjects beyond mindfulness alone. Put an end to anger, sorrow, psychic knots, and obstructing beliefs using the fruit of your practice. Let us help you radiate your deepest inner smile.

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Last 2 Fridays of the month | 7:30-8:30PM

Warren Freisner

In this class we will focus on letting go of all attachment to and grasping at mind and mental formations. To bring about this release we employ a variety of Lam Rim meditations (Steps on the Path) intended to diminish self-cherishing, and to develop wisdom and strong compassion.