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Utilize the New Moon to set new intentions and commit to breaking old habits. Bobby and Rachel will guide you through a traditional Tibetan "Black Moon" purification ceremony, beginning with meditation and intention setting, and ending with a ritual to disrupt old patterns that keep us stuck. Sound is used throughout to cultivate a focused and vibrant space. Participants are encouraged to share or silently support others in this ritual.

The earliest known sedentary cultures date to the Levant area around 12,000 years ago, but behaviorally modern humans have been around for about 4 times longer than that. That means we, as humans, are likely to be more highly adapted to the natural cycles, such as the phases of the moon than we are to man-made cycles. During the New Moon, when the sky is at its darkest, nocturnal predators, such as Lions and other large cats, are statistically more likely to attack. According to archaeological evidence, it’s believed that our human ancestors would protect themselves during this period of darkness and danger by gathering in groups and retreating to the safety of caves and similar shelters. This especially dark night was a time of faith and union. Faith in the unseen, in the continuity of the cycle despite a lack of visual confirmation. Union with themselves, with each other and with the vital forces of nature. They spent this time setting intentions, reviewing the previous cycle, laying foundations for the future, and planning the next phase of expansion leading up to the full moon when it would be safer to be outside and celebrate.

For our New Moon Meditation, we will be drawing on these ancient traditions of our shared ancestry and combine them with the power of sound, breath, and concentration to access deep parts of our own consciousness and explore the value of coming together in the darkness. Our goal will be to uncover hidden truths and realign ourselves with the natural cycles of our environment, to return the mind-body to its natural state of growth and healing by dissolving the boundaries we imagine to be real, revealing the connections between our outer and inner worlds, and ultimately becoming aware of awareness itself.  

Wednesday Nov 7 | 7:30 - 9:30PM

$35 | $28 for members


Robert Picciotto is a sound artist and meditation facilitator. As a third generation musician who has undergone diverse training in sound design and audio production, sound is deeply ingrained in him. His extensive experience with electronic music combined with his acoustic sound meditation practice and rigorous research gives him a unique and multifaceted perspective on the possibilities and applications of sound. While he values his training and background, he's committed to leaving space open to intuition, to play and possibility, and to learning from the unexpected. 


Rachel Webb has trained simultaneously in yoga and mental health for the past decade and in Tibetan Buddhism for the past 5 years. She has completed a meditation teacher training and private yoga teacher training in 2017 and is en route to complete a 6 year Buddhist philosophy training in 2019. She is a peer coach for social workers using the Motivational Interviewing counseling technique. She has over 6 years of experience working with people diagnosed with serious mental illness assisting them in achieving wellness goals. Rachel has hosted several therapeutic groups on relationship health over the past year and is currently working on relationship wellness workbooks that combine modern psychological approaches with Buddhist techniques. Rachel is currently teaching yoga and meditation classes in Manhattan, and takes clients for coaching sessions. You can reach her at to schedule a private session or interview.