Rise to Your Own Greatness

Join Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher Stéphanie Virchaux for a New Moon Gathering anchored in intention and joy. The New Moon in Leo and it helps us find our authentic self and rise to our own greatness.

The energy of Leo is expressive and passionate. During this New Moon, we can leverage Leo’s flair for powerful leadership and create our own spot in the sunshine allowing us to feel awakened and revitalized in an empowering way.

The New Moon marks the beginning of a moon cycle, which is the best time to plant seeds for your new intentions. Energetically, the New Moon opens the portal between the known and unknown in our world, between our conscious and subconscious mind. During this time, we have heightened access to our intuition and our guides, making it ideal for setting clear intentions and goals.

During this New Moon Circle, Stéphanie will share how you can strengthen your intuition to help find clarity around what you want. Using the support of Theta Healing Energy, we’ll release what no longer serves us in order to make room for what we want in our lives. Afterwards as a group, we'll write our monthly intentions for February and meditate to lock in those new desires while leveraging the energy of the New Moon.

Come experience the friendship and joy that magically happens when a group of positive people get together for the New Moon. The more we all continue to gather in community and hold space for real growth, accountability, and connection, the more the divine energy will continue to rise and magnify. These circles are not associated with a singular path or religion, but rather, an inclusive coming together with humans from all paths and gather to co-create, grow, pay respect to our earth and set intentions.

Be sure to bring your favorite journal & pens/markers. If you have crystals, bring them as well!

Wednesday July 31 | 8 - 10PM

$40 | $32 for members


Stéphanie Virchaux is a Certified Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker, Energy Healer and founder of SV Empowerment, LLC. Stéphanie’s mission is to empower those who feel stuck by helping them find clarity and re-discover their joy so they can lead a fulfilled and empowered life. She specializes in helping ambitious professionals who feel overwhelmed and stuck in their paths find clarity in their journey. Her methods are solution-focused and encompass a holistic combination of coaching and energy healing modalities that lead to longer-lasting and fulfilling results. As a Theta Energy Healer & Angel Reader, Stéphanie uses an intuitive approach that provides clarity, guidance and has helped transformed many lives through healing, forgiveness and acceptance.

Stéphanie is the co-founder of TEDxBethuneStreetWomen with a mission to be one of the most powerful platforms in NYC for TED ideas worth spreading. Stéphanie is tri-lingual in English, Spanish and French.
For more information, you can visit www.stephanievirchaux.com