Our New Moon Meditations draw on pre-historic traditions and tap into the power and wisdom of our shared ancestry via our biological evolution. We fortify guided visualization, conscious breathing, and intention setting practices with acoustic sounds and reiki. For tens of thousands of years, humans lived in a world untouched by civilization. Following the phases of the moon and developing a calendar was integral to the survival, growth, and evolution of our species. When we synchronize with the Lunar Cycle we align with the cosmic rhythms that we've adapted to, it's as natural to our bodies as waking up in the morning and going to sleep at night. The New Moon is an especially potent time because it is the darkest phase of the Lunar Cycle, what this meant for early humans was an increased susceptibility to the dangers of the night, such as attacks from nocturnal predators. To protect themselves, our ancestors would gather in groups and retreat to the safety of caves and other similar shelters. These especially dark nights were a time of faith and union. Faith in the unseen, in the continuity of the cycle despite a lack of visual confirmation and union with themselves, with each other and with the vital forces of nature. It's likely that our ancestors spent this time setting intentions, strategizing, laying foundations for the future and planning the next phase of expansion leading up to the full moon when it would be safer to celebrate outdoors. Join Awarehouse for this month's New Moon and explore the value of coming together in the darkness.

Monday June 3 | 8 - 10PM

$40 | $32 for members


Christine Alfred is a Reiki Master of traditional Usui Reiki, a therapeutic sound facilitator, and an Herbal Apprentice at Flower Power. As an intuitive empath, she establishes connections with the body's innate wisdom to facilitate a natural state of growth and healing, and to better provide the support of Reiki and sound where it is most needed. Christine attributes her connection to the earth, and her dedication to personal and universal development to the teachings received from her grandmother, and the culture of Haiti, where she was born. She completed both her Reiki and Green Medicine training at the New York Open Center School for Holistic and Professional Learning. She formerly served as Director of Events at The Alchemist’s Kitchen where she curated transformational and educational events for the community. 

Robert Picciotto is a sound artist, meditation facilitator, and independent researcher. As a third generation musician who has undergone diverse training in sound design and audio production, sound is deeply ingrained in him. His extensive experience with electronic music combined with his acoustic sound meditation practice gives him a unique and multifaceted perspective on the possibilities and applications of sound. While he values his training and background, he's committed to leaving space open to intuition, play and possibility, and learning from the unexpected.

Together they run Awarehouse, a project that creates experiences through carefully curated events that are intrinsically gratifying while promoting transpersonal growth and healing. Awarehouse draws on all systems of knowledge, from the ancient and occult to the futuristic and accessible, focusing on the power of sound, energy, plants, art, and community.