Vulnerability is not weakness; it is a form of strength. Through yoga, we have the opportunity to practice breathing through the discomfort of vulnerable situations and cultivating that very strength. Backbends in particular open the heart space, fire up the nervous system, and allow you the freedom to feel and trust! Join Veronica for a fiery hatha vinyasa class with mantra, pranayama, spine-centric asana, kriyas, real talk, and at least one pop song.

Saturday Feb 16 | 2 - 4:30PM

$40 | $32 for members


Veronica Lombo is a teacher, healer, and empath. Since becoming familiar with depression, self harm, and suicidal tendencies at age 15, Veronica has dedicated her life to finding and sharing the most effective tools and techniques for mental, and spiritual wellness. Everything she teaches, she has tested firsthand. Veronica attended Bikram's Fall 2009 teacher training, as well as hatha vinyasa trainings with Jared McCann in 2015 and 2016. Veronica loves boybands, and when not traveling the world, she resides in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, Henry.