Step into your power and walk the path you’re meant to walk.

We are all vast, infinite beings existing simultaneously across many dimensions, each of us carrying beautiful cosmic gifts meant to be expressed fully here on Earth.

In these oracle readings with intuitive empath Catherine Foley, discover the healing information and wisdom you need now to support your divine unfolding.

Catherine works in collaboration with her guides and yours to retrieve healing messages from your ancestors, your body, your highest self, and all else stepping forward from your field with vital data for the moment.

A reading with Catherine—infused and transmitted with Reiki energy—will help you reconnect with the compassion, clarity and support you have within you and across all realms to walk in alignment with your true calling and destiny.

Come with your intention and an open heart.

Wednesday Oct 31 | 5 - 8PM

$30 / 20 minutes

Book on the hour or the half hour.

tickets are non-refundable


Catherine Foley is a Reiki Master and intuitive empath, and founder of Help Your Self, her holistic wellness company on a mission to bring authentic and genuine healing experiences and resources to New Yorkers. With formal training in energetic and shamanic healing, mindfulness and herbal medicine, Catherine is skilled in holding integrated, embodied and compassionate space for deep transformation and healing. Catherine offers Reiki healing at locations around the city, including The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, New York. In her private, intuitive healing practice, Catherine is dedicated to guiding you home to yourself, helping you access your innate ability to heal your life and find the freedom and will to shine your true light in the world.