Vibration is in all of us. It is the essence of our existence. The sound of the universe is the sound of our Prana, is the sound expressed in our ohms. Awakening this vibration, connecting to it and merging with it, is deeply transformative and healing.

Join Yuval Samburski for this special Sound Healing evening event. Invigorate your own Prana, awaken and revitalize your vibration through the magic of rich yet delicate sounds. Yuval will share a unique combination of musical instruments (chimes, Sansula, Tibetan bowls, and more) together with live voice, to create a vibrational elevation of the space outside as well as inside of us. In this complex musical landscape, vibrations come together to merge. This is where consciousness raises up high and true healing begins.

Come and experience some Sound Healing’s most colorful musical instruments & float into transformative, healing magic from deep within.

*This workshop will include both flow as well as restorative segments

Wednesday Feb 6 | 8 - 10PM

$45 | $36 for members


Yuval Samburski is a yoga practitioner for over twenty years. He is a NYC-based Yoga Instructor, Teacher Trainer & Mentor, E-500RYT, YACEP and Reiki level 2. Yuval’s teaching style is mindful and fluid, linking all movement back to the breath and providing a safe and warm environment for students to explore their own selves, making their own self-discoveries through practice. With experience in performance and art, Yuval is inspired by all creation and the undeniable power of breath and meditation. His teaching is personal, nurturing and humorous, allowing for self-observation and a true teaching and learning experience between him and his students.