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“Hello darkness, my old friend…”

-Simon & Garfunkel

The Winter Solstice, when the Earth is tilted furthest away from the sun, is characterized by having shortest day and the longest night in the northern hemisphere. Solstice translates to ‘stillness of the sun’ and we will be utilizing this energy of stillness to remind ourselves how to let go and start fresh, not just once a year, but in each passing moment.

Christine and Bobby will guide you through a reiki fortified sound meditation, beginning with intention setting, and ending with a reversal ritual to transmute negative patterns. Sound is used throughout to cultivate a focused and vibrant space.

Evidence of humans having systems for calculating the solstice date back over 12,000 years ago. Sites such as stonehenge, and newgrange are both examples of ancient humans being able to calculate the exact day of the winter solstice. For our ancestors, tracking the seasons was integral to their survival. It is more than a mere tradition, it is part of our evolutionary process. For many cultures the Winter Solstice signaled a time to shed what was unnecessary, to consolidate and prepare for a season of hibernation. Although the Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year, it isn’t all doom and gloom. From this day forward the days will get longer and brighter. Which is why it signifies both a death and a rebirth in many cultures.

For our meditation we will be drawing on these ancient traditions of our shared ancestry and combining them with the power of reiki, sound, breath, and concentration to access deep parts of our own consciousness and explore the value of coming together in the darkness. Our goal will be to uncover hidden truths and realign ourselves with the natural cycles of our environment, to return the mind-body to its natural state of growth and healing by dissolving the boundaries we imagine to be real, revealing the connections between our outer and inner worlds, and ultimately becoming aware of awareness itself.

Friday Dec 21  |  8 - 10PM

$40  |  $32 for members


Christine is a Reiki Master of traditional Usui Reiki and a therapeutic sound facilitator. As an intuitive empath, she establishes connections with the body's natural wisdom, to allow the whole self to be seen, and to better provide the support of Reiki and sound where it is most needed. She is dedicated to personal and universal development through sound, plant, and energy work.  She completed her Reiki training at the New York Open Center School for Holistic and Professional Learning.

Robert is a Brooklyn based sound artist and meditation facilitator. As a third generation musician who has undergone diverse training in sound design and audio production, sound is deeply ingrained in him. His extensive experience with electronic music combined with his acoustic sound meditation practice gives him a very unique and multifaceted perspective on the possibilities and applications of sound. While he values his training and background, he's committed to leaving space open to intuition, to play and possibility, and to learning from the unexpected.

Together they run, a project aimed at creating immersive experiences through carefully curated events. Focusing on the power of plants, sound, intuition, mind, breath, body, art, and community.