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Āyurveda recommends a cleanse to accompany a change in season, to clear and open physiological and psychological channels in the body and mind. Spring is an especially important time of the year, when nature re-awakes from the long, heavy winter and provides us with all the dietary and herbal tools we need to rid our bodies of excess fats and heavy proteins which keep environmental and emotional toxins bound in bodily tissues. A Spring cleanse helps the body to identify stored fat tissue as useable energy, retraining and firing up digestive capacity within the GI tract, bodily tissues, and the mind. Accumulated and stored toxins are brought to the surface of tissues and gently escorted out through elimination channels.

The key to detoxifying is gentleness. The body does not like being thrown off balance too much or for too long, which is why a whole foods approach like the Āyurvedic kitchari mono-diet is so impactful; this meal is a complete protein that helps your body maintain a stable blood sugar, mineral balance, and, most importantly, adrenal function. If your body is stressed, it will not detoxify, it will not release its hold on all it has accumulated. The body is very intelligent; it is doing everything it can to stay alive! It is attached to that which it clutches so firmly for a reason. You must give it the optimal conditions to release. All forms of detoxification require care, patience, and rest. The process of loosening toxicant build up in fatty tissues must be partnered with an emphasis on efficient elimination of these chemicals from the blood stream and the body.

Āyurveda's kitchari cleanse provides everything you need for an effective reset of your entire organism's digestive capacity ! The results of the Spring cleanse are empowered digestive and immune systems as well as a purified mind to transition gracefully and energetically from the heavy, dulled winter into the light, auspicious Springtime.

Starts Monday April 8

Daily pick up beginning at 730AM at 3J Cafe

3-Day, 5-Day, and 7-Day Options


  • Daily yoga OR meditation class at 3J

  • Daily 3-meal supply of kitchari*

  • Daily herbal tisanes*

  • Daily triphala*

  • A jar of Noël's homemade ghee (if selecting 5 or 7-day cleanse)
    *all ingredients organic


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Noël Graupner is an Ayurvedic nutritionist in NYC. She uses a variety of practical dietary, herbal and lifestyle methods to work with individuals and groups who desire to improve, restore, and maintain their vital health. All sessions are education based, with the intention of sharing Ayurvedic theory to create awareness around intelligent decision making. Currently she is working towards her PhD in Clinical Ayurveda at the California College of Ayurveda. For more information, visit

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