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In this workshop, we will discuss and practice the techniques of meditation as taught in "The Mind Illuminated" with the goal of clarifying and inspiring your practice. Beyond philosophies of meditation, we will dive into the "nitty-gritty," exploring what we're actually observing within our conscious experience while we meditate. While it might sound daunting to say aloud what's happening in our head when we sit quietly with our eyes closed, the fantastic part of talking about practice is to discover we are not alone. What we discover are shared experiences and noble friends.

Wednesday Sept 5  |  7:30 - 9PM

$30  |  $24 for members


Upasaka Upali (Paul Peterson) is a meditation teacher who in works with beginning to advanced meditators. Upali’s teaching style strives to provide tangible instruction, inspire consistent practice, and to create a rewarding meditation experience. 

He has taught audiences from adult professionals seeking stress reduction to elementary students in underserved communities. He began teaching in the Southeastern United States where he would travel once a month to a Federal Prison in Virginia to talk about meditation with inmates of a prison Sangha (meditation community). He later moved to South America, where he continued his practice by teaching introductory meditation classes online. Since then, his online teaching practice has expanded, which he has found to be a delightful way to connect with meditation practitioners from all over the world.

After arriving back in the United States, Upali began a local meditation Sangha in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Additionally, he became a teacher for the Mindful Schools Program where he teaches mindfulness in local elementary schools. In April of 2018, he completed a one month Teacher in Residence program at Dharma Treasure with Upasaka Culadasa.  Since the program, Upali has increased his teaching of in-person meditation retreats and has enjoyed seeing the benefit and progress silent retreats create for practitioners.  He is currently a teacher in training with Culadasa, author of The Mind Illuminated.